Bamboo Shag Area Rugs add trend-setting chic styling with a twist of retro flashback flair to any room.

"Bamboo Shag Rug Close-up - IvoryBamboo?" you say!  "Shag?" you jest?  "You bet!!" we say. Our Bamboo Shag Area Rugs are lush! In fact, the pile of this rug is so soft, silky and durable, you won't believe it comes from a grass. It's also renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly to boot. And YES, this super soft deep pile silky Bamboo Shag Area Rug is remarkably hip and fashionable too. It adds trend-setting chic styling with a twist of retro flashback flair to your home, office or meditation room.

Bamboo Shag Rugs offer the following features and benefits:

  • Bamboo grows naturally without the need for pesticides or fertilizers due to an inherent, naturally-occurring antifungal, antibacterial agent called “Bamboo Kun”.
  • The bamboo is processed into a rayon fiber which is softer than cotton with a natural sheen similar to cashmere and silk. When woven together with cotton, it makes a perfect carpet fiber which is both silky soft, yet extremely durable.
  • The dense pile is a blend of 50% bamboo rayon and 50% cotton and a separately applied 100% cotton canvas backing.

The bamboo used for these area rugs is sustainably farmed. It grows wild in the mountainous forests and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Each bamboo stalk is marked so that it isn't harvested until a minimum age of 4 years. This species of bamboo is at maturity at that point and over 40 feet tall! When it's cut down, 3 or 4 bamboo shoots pop up around it so it regenerates by its own root system.

Available in five different sizes:

  • 3' x 5'
  • 4' x 6'
  • 5' x 8'
  • 8' x 10'
  • 9' x 12'


Bamboo Shag Graphite Sample
(5x8 and 8x10 only)
(5x8 and 8x10 only)

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Colors from Left to Right:

  • Ivory
  • Beige (only available in 5' x 8" and 8' x 10' sizes)
  • Crimson (only available in 5' x 8" and 8' x 10' sizes)
  • Graphite

Bamboo Shag Rug in Crimson     

Bamboo Shag Rug shown in Crimson

Bamboo Shag Area Rug – Care & Cleaning Instructions:

  • A rug pad is recommended.
  • Rugs should be fluffed up when first unrolled as it will initially be matted down.
  • Minimal, initial shedding is normal.
  • Vacuum regularly. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar. Only use suction attachments.
  • Clean spills immediately. Use a damp, clean cloth to tamp down repeatedly on spill—do not over-wet. Place a dry, clean cloth directly on top of spill and place a heavy object on top of cloth. Leave cloth in this position overnight. This will allow the spill to be transferred to the dry cloth.
  • Professional cleaning recommended.

Note: Additional freight charges may apply to the 8' x 10', and 9' x 12' sizes. We will contact you with these additional charges, and await your approval before finalizing your order. You may also email or call for a freight quotation. Be sure to specify what you wish to order, and please indicate your zip code when requesting a freight quotation. Generally, allow up to one business day before we are able to respond to your request. Our email address is sales@abundantearth.com, and our toll-free telephone number is 1-888-51-EARTH (1-888-513-2784). Restocking fees apply to new and unused rugs returned within 30 days of purchase.

Please allow approximately 1 - 3 weeks for delivery

Bamboo Shag Area Rug - 3' x 5' $129.95
Bamboo Shag Area Rug - 4' x 6' $199.95
Bamboo Shag Area Rug - 5' x 8' $299.95
Bamboo Shag Area Rug - 8' x 10' $599.95
Bamboo Shag Area Rug - 9' x 12' $799.95
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