The Big Sur 300 Gallon Rain Barrel from Abundant Earth

The Big Sur 300 Gallon Rain Water Barrel is for the serious water saving enthusiast who want more from their rain barrel!

Made in the USA ~ Abundant Earth

The Big Sur 300 Gallon Rain Water Barrel from Abundant EarthWater is a precious resource we cannot let go to waste. Rain barrels reduce the amount of water draining into sewer treatment facilities, while lowering the impact of roof top runoff. Collecting and storing rainwater provides a backup source of outdoor water use during times of drought or between rain showers. It helps to keep creeks, lakes and beaches clean by reducing the amount of chemicals washed into bodies of water from urban runoff. Rainwater is also naturally chlorine-free. Using chlorine-free rainwater for your lawn and garden helps maintain a thriving biotic community in your soil.

The Big Sur 300 Gallon Rain Water BarrelFew rain barrels can compete with the massive capacity of the Big Sur Rain Water Barrel. The highly reflective surface is the most unique among current rain barrels and lends itself towards modern design. With the Big Sur Rain Water Barrel you can collect and store over 300 gallons of this precious rainwater resource. This behemoth is equiped to capture and hold over 300 gallons of rain water.  The flat back design allows the the Big Sur Rain Water Barrel to sit flush against structure walls  so incorporating your downspout is simple. This design also helps hold the structural integrity of the barrel.  The smooth, durable screen keeps out pests and can be removed for cleaning access. The Big Sur Rain Water Barrel comes with two hook up locations to connect any standard threaded spigot. Use the lower connection for hoses and the higher location for buckets and other containers. Comes with overflow on the front to allow excess water to escape.  For serious water conservation only! Your lawn and landscaping plants will enjoy the fresh water supply and you won’t have to waste your money on running hoses. You can even wash your bike or car with rainwater!

Available in these Amazing Colors:
The Big Sur Rain Water Barrel from Abundant Earthin Khaki The Big Sur Water Barrel from Abundant Earth in Terra Cotta
Khaki Terra Cotta

Please note:
  • Colors are approximations. Colors may appear differently on different screens and vary widely depending on the light or shade on your rain barrel. 
  • To select your color, simply click on the Add to Cart button below and then make your color choice from the drop-down menu provided on the Shopping Cart page.

The Big Sur Rain Water Barrel Features:
  • 300+ gallon rain barrel!
  • Two attachment locations for bucket or hose configurations
  • A brass spigot with leak proof seal
  • Mesh screen to filter out debris and deter pests
  • Overflow hole to prevent drainage against the house
  • Flat back design to allow convenient placement against walls
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 37"x 45" x 60" at approximately 100 lbs.

Please allow approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Rain Water Barrels are not designed or intended to gather, store or channel potable drinking water.

The Big Sur 300 Gallon Rain Water Barrel $795.95
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