Middlebury Platform Bed with standard Low Footboard

The Middlebury Platform Bed successfully manages a modern whimsical twist on traditional Craftsman design blended with Asian-inspired grace. 

Made in the USA ~ Abundant Earth

High-end heirloom quality and American handmade craftsmanship mark the Monteverde line of solid wood platform beds and furniture. The Middlebury Platform Bed may be used as a platform for your futon or mattress with or without a box spring (see Box Spring option below). The Middlebury Platform Bed is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal-King sizes (Please call or email for a Twin XL quotation). The Middlebury comes standard with a 48" headboard. In the Low Footboard version, the footboard post height sits approximately 18" from the floor. Alternatively, you may choose the matching High Footboard version which brings the footboard post height to approximately 31", and for extra storage space underneath your bed, you may add a set of Monteverde Underbed Drawers (see below). The picture above shows the Montshire Platform Bed in Cherry with standard Low Footboard.

Our Monteverde platform beds and home furniture pieces are made with the finest hand-picked second-growth American Black Cherry, Rock Maple and Black Walnut lumber. Finish options include either unfinished or hand-rubbed Danish Linseed Oil on the Cherry and Walnut or Tung Oil on Maple. A VOC-free All Natural 100% Tung Oil is also available for an additional fee.

Monteverde Unfinished Cherry Sample
Black Cherry
Monteverde Unfinished Cherry Sample
Black Cherry
w/Oil Finish
Monteverde Unfinished Maple Sample
Rock Maple
Monteverde Maple Sample
Rock Maple
w/Oil Finish
Monteverde Unfinished Walnut Sample
Black Walnut
Monteverde Walnut Sample
Black Walnut
w/Oil Finish

The samples above are approximations. Actual colors/tones may vary.

The Differences between the Montshire and Middlebury platform bed lines:

The Montshire and Middlebury platform beds and furniture are essentially the same except in one very important way. The headboard and footboard posts or legs on the Montshire are traditional block style (square-cut). Whereas, the Middlebury posts curve and flare toward the lower part of the leg (see images below)

The Montshire Standard Bed Leg
The Montshire Platform Bed Leg (Low Foot)
The Middlebury Platform Bed Leg
The Middlebury Platform Bed Leg (Low Foot)

A few dimensions and features of the standard Middlebury platform bed:

The Middlebury Platform Bed is designed for futons and mattresses up to 16" tall. However, for maximum headboard exposure, we recommend futon/mattress height not exceed 12".  The height under the 4.5" wide rails is approximately 12.5" and the from the floor to the top of the slats is about 16.5".  The footboard posts are approximately 1.75" on average. The beds arrive partially assembled using the finest mortise and tenon joints and dowel design. Final assembly is made relatively easy with our durable keyhole and lock system.

Outside Length and Width (approximately):

  • Twin (Single): 43" x 80"
  • Full (Double): 58" x 80
  • Queen: 64" x 85"
  • Eastern King: 80" x 85
  • California King: 76" x 89"

Options: Click on the "Add to Cart" button and then select your options from those listed below:

  • Slats: All our platform beds come with solid poplar wood slats and are held together with cotton webbing for easy assembly of your bed. Our platform beds are made with futon, mattress and foam pad requirements in mind and are built to offer sturdy support to all. However, if you are you concerned about needing extra support for your spring mattress, latex or foam mattress or futon, we offer options to increase the amount of slats on your bed. Our poplar slats are approximately 3.5" wide have about 2.25" of space between each slat. If you select the Premium Slat Upgrade (additional fee), the spaces between the slats will be reduced to approximately 1.5". Latex or foam mattresses often benefit (some manufacturers require it) from having the smaller 1.5" spaces between the slats. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice.

  • Wood Type: All of our U.S. grown solid wood choices make for stunning platform beds and furniture. You have a choice of either American Black Cherry, Eastern Rock Maple or Black Walnut. All of the wood choices are solid and durable. Maple is technically the hardest wood, followed by walnut and then cherry. While cherry is probably the most popular. The cherry will likely darken with age and the walnut may lighten just a bit over time. The maple will change very little over time, sometimes darkening just a tad. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice.

  • Finish: You may choose to have your bed unfinished or finished with our standard Danish Linseed Oil on the Cherry and Walnut or Tung Oil on Maple. For an additional fee, you may have your bed finished our special VOC-free All Natural Tung Oil formula. This option adds 15% fee to your order total and is not returnable under any circumstances. Please call us at 1-888-513-2784 to add this option to your order. Please Note: The All Natural Tung Oil contains no petro-chemical driers (VOCs) but it does contain an all-natural citrus-based thinner. Because the finish does not contain VOC-based driers, the finish emits a stronger odor that lasts longer before dissipating than the standard Danish Oil or Tung Oil finishes. For people with chemical sensitivities (MCS) or odor sensitivities, we strongly recommend ordering your bed unfinished and applying your own finish. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice.

  • Extra Center Support and Center Support Leg (King Beds Only): The standard Monteverde platform bed frames are built rock solid and sturdy (and with beauty to match!). In addition to the side rails and ledgers providing support for the slats, the standard Queen and King sized beds have a center rail that runs under the slats from the front to the back of the beds and provides extra strength and support to the frame. Optionally, though not necessary, you may add an additional Center Support and Support Leg (extra fee) for placement under the center support rail on the King beds for additional support and strength to the frame. Please note the additional Center Support and Support Leg may be required by some mattress manufacturers. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice if you wish to add this option.

  • Box Spring Option: The standard Monteverde line of platform beds are designed for mattresses and futons without box springs. However, for an additional fee, the Box Spring Option may be added to your order. This option allows you to use both a mattress and a box spring together. With this option, the side, head and foot rails are lowered by 6" and the height under the rails is reduced to approximately 6.5".  The top the slats (where the bottom off your box spring will rest) sits at approximately 7.75" from the floor. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice if you wish to add this option.

  • Middlebury Platfrom Bed showing High FootboardLow Footboard / High Footboard: The Middlebury Platform Bed's standard Low Footboard stands at approximately 18". Optionally, you may add a matching 31" High Footboard as the perfect complement to your headboard (additional fee).  Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice if you wish to add this option. (The Middlebury Platform Bed picture at top of page shows the standard Low Footboard and the picture on right shows the Middlebury with Optional High Footboard.)

Monteverde Underbed Drawers:
For a unique storage option, add one or two Monteverde Underbed Drawers under your Twin bed or up to four (2 on each side) on your Full, Queen or King beds. Each of the Underbed Drawers measures approximately 27" wide x 23" deep x 11" tall and sits on free rolling casters and comes with a 1/4" dust cover. The Monteverde Underbed Drawers will not work on any option where the bed is lowered including the Box Spring Option. You may fit up to four Underbed Drawers (two under each side of the bed) for Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sized beds. However, keep in mind that on the Twin and Full sizes, the drawers may interfere (bump into when pulled out) with your nightstands if you have them. If you do have nightstands, we recommend only 1 underbed drawer per side of the bed. Please note that while all visible parts of the drawers are solid wood (Cherry-Beech, Maple-Beech, or Walnut-Beech). However, the drawers bottoms and dust cover are veneered plywood. A Solid Wood Upgrade is available for the drawer bottom (not the dust cover) for an additional fee.Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and then make your choice if you wish to add this option. Also, please note the Monteverde Underbed Drawers more closely match the straight edged style of the Berkshire platform bed. However, they look beautiful with either bed style.

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Special Notes: 

  • Mattress/futon and other furniture and props shown in the images above not included.

  • Minimal assembly required.

  • Special order Twin-XL and Full-XL (80") beds are also available. Please call 1-888-513-2784 for prices.

  • Shipping to Lower 48 States Only. If additional shipping charges apply, we will contact you for approval before proceeding. Shipping to AK or HI by quotation.

  • Please allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

The Middlebury Platform Bed ~ TWIN $1,700.00
The Middlebury Platform Bed ~ FULL $1,950.00
The Middlebury Platform Bed ~ QUEEN $2,150.00
The Middlebury Platform Bed ~ EASTERN KING $2,440.00
The Middlebury Platform Bed ~ CALIFORNIA KING $2,540.00
Monteverde Underbed Drawer $350.00
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