Beautiful in Design, Resourceful in Materials, and Fun to Assemble Eco-Friendly 47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk

Abundant Earth offers home and office bamboo furniture that is easy and fun to put together and uses sustainably harvested and organically grown "Moso" Bamboo in a very tasteful Moso Bamboo - a sustainably harvested grasscarbonized amber finish. These modular, reversible designs create numerous possibilities for media and office arrangements and can be reconfigured numerous times without affecting the integrity of the unit. In a short amount of time, you can build an entire system made with no tools, no screws or bolts, and no hard labor. The pieces are created with a tab/slot design which interlocks and secures each piece in place, so the end result is a strong, sturdy and fabulous looking furnishing. 

Details of Quick Assembly Sustainably Harvested 47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk:

47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk Dimensions: Approximately 47.25" W x 32" H (see diagram at bottom of page)

  • Comes with three approximately 12" W x 10" D shelves which can be placed on the left and/or right side
  • Holds up to six 12" W x 10" D Shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable in 6-3/8"H increments
  • There are three cord holes through the Corner Desk top
  • Has option for Organic Bamboo Hutch and Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders: peninsulas, bridges and/or extensions can be attached to either side of the desk
  • Extra Organic Bamboo Shelves and Accessory Shelves are available for purchase

47" x 47" Corner Desk with Extension, Hutch, and 29" Accessory ShelfFeatures of the 47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk:
The 47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk can grow with your changing lifestyle by adding Organic Bamboo Peninsulas, Extensions or Bridges to either side as Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders.  Another nice feature of these desks is the recessed shelving beneath the work surface which provides ample knee-space.  There are optional shelves available such as the Organic Bamboo Accessory Shelf and Side Shelf in addition to Organic Bamboo Hutches and Organic Bamboo File Carts made to fit these desks. (Pictured Left: 47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk, optional 29" Accessory Shelf, optional Letter-Size File Carts (2), optional Extension with Hutch, and optional 59" x 31" Bookcase)

Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders: 
Add onto your desk, connect two desks or mix and match for an unlimited number of configurations with these Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders:Bamboo Peninsula

Organic Bamboo Peninsula:
The Organic Bamboo Peninsula (pictured right) acts as end cap for the desk and can also be used in combination with the Organic Bamboo Extension. They provide that extra bit of deep desk space that allows you to expand your desktop and storage space underneath. The Organic Bamboo Peninsula comes with an attachment piece to lock it to an adjacent desk to form a single, solid unit. The Organic Bamboo Peninsula is 31"W x 30"D x 32" H and comes with one 24" Shelf (27"W x 11"D). The Organic Bamboo Peninsula can hold up to three shelves either 27"W x 11"D or 27"W x 17"D. 


Bamboo Extension

Organic Bamboo Extension:
The Organic Bamboo Extension (pictured right) is similar to a Peninsula, but its outer edge allows additional components to be added to make your workspace even larger. The Extension includes an attachment piece to lock it to an adjacent desk to form a single, solid unit. The Organic Bamboo Extension is 30"W x 27"D x 32" H and comes with one 27"W x 11"D shelf.  The Extension can hold up to three shelves either 27"W x 11"D or 27"W x 17"D.


Organic Bamboo Bridge:Bamboo Bridge
The Organic Bamboo Bridge (pictured left) is designed to pull two desks together to create larger workspaces for two or more users.  The Organic Bamboo Bridge includes two attachment pieces to lock it to adjacent desks to form a single, solid unit. The Bridge is 29"W x 27"D x 32"H and comes with one 27"W x 11"D shelf. Organic Bamboo Bridges can hold up to three shelves either 27"W x 11"D or 27"W x 17"D.


Extra Organic Bamboo Shelves and Accessories:
You can order extra shelves to fit under your desk as well as for any of the Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders.  There are also two different accessory shelves available that add to the usefulness of your desk. 
Bamboo Accessory Shelf

29" Organic Bamboo Accessory Shelf :
The 29" Organic Bamboo Accessory Shelf  (shown right) fits nicely on the top rail of your desk providing extra storage space for various accessories, CDs, books, etc.  The dimensions are approximately 29"W x 8"D x 10"H.

Bamboo Side-Mount Shelf
17" Organic Bamboo Side-Mount Accessory Shelf:
The 17" Organic Bamboo Side-Mount Accessory Shelf (shown left) is a great addition for either side of your desk for anything from books, printers or even a tower CPU. The Organic Bamboo Side-Mount Shelf installs in one of the available shelf slots on the outside of desks, peninsulas, extensions or bridges. This Side shelf is approximately 17"L x 10"D x 4H.  Just click on the "Add to Cart" button (below) for the item you are ordering and choose the number of shelves or accessories that you would like for each item.

*Please Note: 
The Organic Bamboo Side-Mount Shelf will only work on the outside of a Desk, or Extension in the open shelf slot (not between Organic Bamboo Desk Extenders)

36" Bamboo Hutch


36" and 43" Organic Bamboo Desk Hutch:
The Organic Bamboo Desk Hutch is the ideal addition for the Organic Bamboo Desk. The approximate dimensions for the 36" Hutch (pictured left) are 36"W x 25"H x 13"D. The approximate dimensions for the 43" Hutch (pictured right) are 43"W x 25"H x 13"D. The hutch easily attaches to the desk, providing convenient storage so your desktop work space can stay43" Bamboo Hutch organized! The hutch is reversible in design, and the wide lower shelf can be placed as a bottom shelf or under the top shelf to accommodate just about any combination of computers, monitors, peripherals, or even books and binders. The shelves and vertical panels have cable pass-throughs for clutter-free wiring.

Did somebody say FUN to Assemble?  Yes!  There are no tools or hardware needed for the assembly of this sturdy furniture.  The tab/slot design works like puzzle pieces, allowing each piece to fit together easily and lock into one another for further strength.  The easy-to-follow instructions that come with each design will take you step by step through a fun, fast and easy assembly.


47" x 47" Corner Desk Diagram

47" x 47" Organic Bamboo Corner Desk Diagram


"I received the bamboo desk yesterday and was really impressed. The workmanship is beautiful and the clever way it snaps together is just plain fun! I am an Architect and wanted this for my office to demonstrate to my clients that you can have beautiful furniture, reasonably priced and made with renewable materials. Thanks, Carol."

More About Bamboo:Bamboo is a sturdy and beautiful alternative to wood
Bamboo is an ecologically friendly and beautiful choice for furnishings. Since Bamboo is a grass, Bamboo grows and matures much quicker than a tree. Within five years of sprouting, the walls of the culms (the Bamboo stalks) will have thickened and hardened and will be ready for harvest. That means every year 15 to 20 percent of the forest can be harvested without clear cutting. Compare that to a hardwood forest and you will see that Bamboo is a very productive and sustainable plant material for making furniture. Unlike quick growing pine (aka "trash pine") trees that many timber companies have planted in place of native trees and forest, and take at least 25 years to grow large enough to harvest for pulp or cheap framing lumber, Bamboo grows quickly and has fine building qualities. Bamboo is also very hard--harder than rock maple, which is one of the hardest of North American trees. Using Bamboo means less dings and dents and a more durable product. Since the very straight culm is split and not sawn, there are no curls in the grain, which means Bamboo is much less likely to break.

These Bamboo Furnishings have a beautiful exotic look and come in a rich golden amber color due to their carbonized finish. Bamboo boards are constructed by laminating strips of Bamboo together in order to create strong dimensional lumber for building fine furniture. This is a very effective way to construct Bamboo lumber. However please note, although rare, small cracks may sometimes be present and are considered normal in laminated Bamboo boards. These cracks, if present, will not be over 1/32” in width and will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. New Bamboo may have a slightly grassy scent which should dissipate over time.

Please Note:
All organic bamboo furniture items are sold separately and pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Colors shown above are approximations. Please allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Rush orders are not available for these wonderfully crafted organic bamboo furnishings.

Please allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for delivery

Quick Assembly Organic Bamboo Desk - 47" x 47" Corner Desk $479.95
Quick Assembly Organic Bamboo Hutch - 36" Hutch $204.95
Quick Assembly Organic Bamboo Peninsula - 31" Peninsula $269.95
Quick Assembly Organic Bamboo 29" Accessory Shelf $49.95
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