This unique Purple Martin House is designed for a bird which, while it lives in colonies, is also quite territorial

 **Made in the USA**

Therefore, each "apartment" is separated from the rest. In houses with several holes in a row, Martins will occupy only every other one unless they are crowded. This separation also helps ensure the survival of the young Martins. Babies tend to wander into the cavity next door, but the neighboring mother will not feed them, so they may die.

According to the Purple Martin Society's magazine, many baby Martins who are raised in metal houses have deformed legs because the floors are slippery and they never learn to stand. Unlike metal floors, our wooden floors give them something to grab onto. These Houses are manufactured from Eastern White Pine and made rough and unfinished for animals to have a better grip. As a first generation tree, pine is environmentally preferred to cedar because it is easily renewed. Dimensions: 18 x 17.5 x 17.5

Purple Martin House $149.95
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