Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden with Rotating Composter

The Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit with Composter

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The incredibly innovative Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit with Composter is designed to provide you with a beautiful raised bed garden area that waters itself. This unique patented design utilizes the space inside the plastic-molded walls to distribute water throughout the garden at root level using soaker hoses attached to each section of Faux Granite Garden wall. While this feature is certainly the most innovative, it's not the only one that makes The Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit stand out from the competition. Integrated into the raised bed garden kit is a fully functional compost tumbler. Not only is fresh compost available right at the garden, but it also adds nutrient-rich compost tea directly to the watering system. As the tumbler is turned, excess liquid (the tea) mixes into the water in the base section which is then distributed right to the soil, instantly.
Easy Assembly of the Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit
Most planter boxes are time consuming to assemble and are made of treated lumber or other industrial products. The Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit Composter solves both of these problems by making the raised bed garden with 4', interlocking, light-weight polyethylene sections. Connecting the sections is as easy as aligning them and sliding the included pegs through the overlapping areas. Set-up takes only minutes compared to hours of hard work and frustration involved with flimsy wood and metal versions.

Faux Granite Sections Used to Create Plant BoardersThe Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit uses four 50" wall sections that interlock to enclose a 4' x 4' x 10" space. It is the very first raised bed garden that can water itself. This design makes use of specially designed soaker hose that connects to each wall. When you fill one wall with water, it transfers to each of the other walls while simultaneously watering the garden. The unique soaker hose uses a slow-drip, wicking action that only delivers water to the soil when needed so you can be assured that plants will stay watered, but not over-watered. The Faux Granite Garden wall sections can also work without the soaker hose, providing you with a beautiful, sturdy, and inexpensive "rock" wall border. Now there's no need to purchase expensive concrete bricks and spend hours installing them.

The integrated Rotator Compost Tumbler features a 2-piece design, rugged construction, and 100% recycled plastic. It is one of the most robust and easy-to-use composters on the market. The 7 cubic feet of space gives the average home owner plenty of room to add and recycle their yard and kitchen scraps. Under the right conditions, the Rotator Compost Tumbler can produce nutrient packed compost in as little as two to three weeks!

Expand the Size or Change the Configuration of Your Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden:

The Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit can be expanded infinitely or you can order separate sections to form a rock wall border of almost any size. If you're looking for more than a 4' x 4' Raised Bed, simply add pairs of 4' Wall Sections along with a Faux Granite Garden Border Hose Kit for each 4' added or select one of the pre-assembled kits we've put together for you below.

Faux Granite Garden Features (see Composter Features Below):

  • Expandable
  • Beautiful rock-like design adds natural attraction to your home and garden
  • FDA approved UV resistant polyethylene
  • Specially integrated overflow outlet on the front allows excess water to escape
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Self watering raised bed garden (after filling)
  • Kit includes soaker hose for installation under your soil
  • Conserves water by watering at the root level
  • Won't leech chemicals into soil like treated wood
  • Included stakes work on most surfaces
  • Attractive granite-like finish
  • Available in the following colors: Light Granite, Dark Granite, Red Brick, and Sandstone.
  • Made in the USA

Faux Granite Garden Options:

  • Faux Granite Garden 4ft Wall Section
    Includes: 4 ft Faux Granite wall section w/stake for creating or expanding Faux Granite Garden border or for expanding Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden Kit (You will need 2 wall sections to expand Raised Bed Watering Faux Granite Garden).
  • Faux Granite Garden Border Finish Kit
    Includes: 3 Corner pieces and 1 stake. Use to end wall sections.


Sandstone Light Granite Dark Granite Red Brick

Colors:  Simply click the "Add to Cart" button below and then select your color choice.


Close-up of realistic texture of Faux Granite
Installing Corner Pin
Corner Pin Installed
Fill Hole Plug: This is where you add water!
Installation of the Soaker Hose
Close-Up of Boarder Install
Installing Corner Pieces on a Boarder Installation
In this case, the Corner Pieces are installed where a Wall Section terminates along the house foundation wall.
This is a top down diagram showing the installed Soaker Hoses
This is a top down diagram showing the installed Soaker Hoses
The blue arrows represent water flowing through the Soaker Hoses installed under the soil.
Faux Granite Garden Kit with Rotating Composter Easy Tumble of the Composter This image shows the large Rotator Compost Tumbler lid (black), the side air
holes and the easy tumble action of the composter
Faux Granite Garden Composter's Base This image shows the Rotator Compost Tumbler Base
Notice the wheels on the corners which make rolling your composter a breeze. Also, notice the hole in the middle of the base for collecting and dispersing nutrient-rich "compost tea" liquid into your Raised Bed Garden soil and plants.

Faux Granite Garden Specifications:

  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 4' x 4' Kit Approximate Dimensions: 50"L x 50"W x 10"H
  • Weight: 33 lbs.

More About the Integrated Rotator Compost Tumbler:

The Rotator Compost Tumbler holds 7 cubic feet of compost and sits on a wheeled base. The handles provide excellent grip to make turning even easier compared to other models and crank versions. The 12" twist off lid keeps your compost safely closed off but is easy to remove and even doubles as an extra turning point. The ends feature aeration holes which provide much needed airflow for the compost batch with the option of drilling more for those who live in areas with low air currents.

The wheeled base allows owners to turn the bin effortlessly and can easily be separated to allow the compost bin to roll freely from place to place. The low profile ensures that it stays out of sight and won't be blown over in high winds like other compost tumblers. The resin material used to mold the compost bin is 100% recycled and the rich dark color absorbs the sun's heat keeping your compost at a nice hot temperature (100-150 degrees F).

Comes fully assembled and requires little maintenance. Just turn the compost tumbler once a week and after addition of new material and you can see fresh earthy compost in as little as 2 to 3 weeks under ideal conditions Help keep organic waste out of our landfills by getting a Rotator Compost Tumbler today. For best results, wait for a single batch to completely compost before adding more material.

Integrate Rotator Compost Tumbler Features:

  • 7 cubic foot capacity
  • Fully Assembled - Low maintenance
  • Wheeled Base for Easy Turning
  • Large 12" twist lid
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Black color for heat absorption
  • Made in the USA with FDA approved materials
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Better Composting with The Rotator Compost Tumbler:

Favorable composting conditions can turn garden, yard and household waste into nutritious plant fertilizer in just a few weeks, and a well mixed compost batch enhances the interaction of ingredients and microbes to speed nature's process. Turning your compost increases air circulation and distributes material and moisture evenly - two important parts of the compost equation.

We’ve created the Rotator Compost Tumbler to help make your composting efforts easier. With stationary composters, material is added in layers, and “turning” the compost pile is difficult to do and is often a smelly messy project. As ingredients are added, layers pack down and germinating seeds produce fibrous roots throughout the stack. These roots lock together forming a brick of matter that’s hard to break apart - even when the batch is finished. These stagnant layers can keep hot (biologically active) and cold (biologically inactive) areas from digesting for long periods of time.

By placing the rotating bin of the Rotator Compost Tumbler on it’s base, you’ll be able to turn your batch without the backbreaking task of moving material with forks or shovels. Frequent turning greatly speeds up the composting of materials and also prevents “germinating roots” from “webbing” the batch into a solid brick.

Here are some basic composting tips that may help you see your finished compost quicker:

  1. Use about 1/3 green, and 2/3 brown ingredients. This recipe will keep a good heat/moisture level for optimum organic reaction. Moisture of compost should be similar to that of a damp sponge - too much water cools the batch, and too little reduces micro-biotic action. You can add water or green materials when too dry - add brown materials if too wet.
  2. Grass clippings add heat and moisture, but too many will make a wet, stinky mess. Add them carefully (you also can let them dry a day or two before adding).
  3. Never add animal products such as meat, milk products, bones or eggs (washed egg shells are the exception).
  4. Although cattle and horse manure are good additives, never add pet wastes to your compost.
  5. Add a handful of dirt about once a week to introduce new microbes that will act as "compost activators"
  6. Turn your compost. Mixing compost will distribute moisture and materials evenly, and circulate air within the batch. Do this whenever you fill the composter, and about once each week.

Your compost batch will shrink as it breaks down, and you can continue adding materials until the batch becomes too heavy for turning. Stop adding new material to your composter about 2-4 weeks before you plan to remove your finished compost batch.

Additional Note About Your Faux Granite Garden: If you want to weigh down Faux Granite Garden wall section, you may fill them (or partially fill them) with pre-washed sandbox sand or pea gravel.

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery

Raised Bed Watering 4' x 4' Faux Granite Garden with Composter Kit $468.95
Raised Bed Watering 4' x 8' Faux Granite Garden with Composter Kit $615.95
Faux Granite Garden 4' Wall Section $55.95
Faux Granite Garden Border Finish Kit $34.95
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