The Mizer Composter Rain Water Barrel Combo from Abundant Earth

Large Batch Composting AND Rainwater Collection and Storage with the Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector Combo

Made in the USA ~ Abundant Earth

The Compost Tumbler:
The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector includes a compost tumbler much like the Rotator Compost Tumbler. The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector takes the backbreaking effort out of turning your compost. You won't need to struggle with forks or shovels, trying to tear apart a packed, root bound, brick of material. The large capacity compost drum rotates on a stable base providing quick and easy mixing. Just turn it about once a week to keep oxygen, nutrients, microorganisms and moisture evenly distributed throughout the developing batch. The Rotator Compost Tumbler arrives fully assembled so you won't spend frustrating hours putting it together, and it's low-to-the-ground profile means you won't need to lift materials high in the air to fill it. With this simple design, you can begin turning your garden and kitchen waste into valuable organic soil in just weeks.

The Mizer Composter Rain Water Barrel Combo from Abundant EarthThe Rain Water Collector:
The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector includes a rain water barrel collection system integrated into the base of the compost tumbler. The innovative design cuts down on the cost of buying separate units and it also saves space by reducing your footprint.  But even more significant is the way the whole unit works together to fuse earth and water. As the top barrel is rotated, gravity and centrifugal forces squeeze out excess liquid from the compost which flows out onto the base where it's channeled into the barrel.  From there it mixes directly with the rain water collected from your gutters forming nutrient packed plant food.

Water is a precious resource we cannot let go to waste. Rain barrels reduce the amount of water draining into sewer treatment facilities, while lowering the impact of roof top runoff. Collecting and storing rainwater provides a backup source of outdoor water use during times of drought or between rain showers. It helps to keep creeks, lakes and beaches clean by reducing the amount of chemicals washed into bodies of water from urban runoff. Rainwater is also naturally chlorine-free. Using chlorine-free rainwater for your lawn and garden helps maintain a thriving biotic community in your soil.

Available in these Amazing Colors:
The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector in Black The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector in Green The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector in Khaki The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector in Oak The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector in Terra Cotta
Black Green Khaki Oak Terra Cotta

The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector Specifications:
38" Long x 29" High, x 35" Deep
Weight: 40 Pounds

  • Combines a Rain Barrel and Composter into one unit
  • 7 cubic foot capacity/47 gallon rain barrel collector
  • Recessed handles for easy turning
  • Wheeled base for effortless turning
  • Large 12" twist lid
  • Aeration holes for better, faster composting
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Directly mixes nutrient-rich compost tea with rain water
  • Anti-debris screen on base
  • Available in: Black, Oak, Forest Green, Khaki, Terra Cotta
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the USA.  

The Mizer Composter Rain Water Barrel Combo from Abundant EarthComposting with The Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector:
Favorable composting conditions can turn garden, yard and household waste into nutritious plant fertilizer in just a few weeks, and a well mixed compost batch enhances the interaction of ingredients and microbes to speed nature's process. Turning your compost increases air circulation and distributes material and moisture evenly - two important parts of the compost equation.

We’ve created the Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector to help make your composting efforts easier. With stationary composters, material is added in layers, and “turning” the compost pile is difficult and often a smelly, messy project. As ingredients are added, layers pack down and germinating seeds produce fibrous roots throughout the stack. These roots lock together forming a brick of matter that’s hard to break apart - even when the batch is finished. These stagnant layers can keep hot (biologically active) and cold (biologically inactive) areas from digesting for long periods of time.

By placing the rotating bin of the Mizer Composter and Rain Water Collector on it’s base, you’ll be able to turn your batch without the backbreaking task of moving material with forks or shovels. Frequent turning greatly speeds up the composting of materials and also prevents “germinating roots” from “webbing” the batch into a solid brick.

The Mizer Composter Rain Water Barrel Combo from Abundant EarthHere are some other basics that can help your composting along:

  1. Use about 1/3 green, and 2/3 brown ingredients. This recipe will keep a good heat/moisture level for optimum organic reaction. Moisture of compost should be similar to that of a damp sponge - too much water cools the batch, and too little reduces micro-biotic action. You can add water or green materials when too dry - add brown materials if too wet.
  2. Grass clippings add heat and moisture, but too many will make a wet, stinky mess. Add them carefully (you also can let them dry a day or two before adding).
  3. Never add animal products such as meat, milk products, bones or eggs (washed egg shells are the exception).
  4. Although cattle and horse manure are good additives, never add pet waste to your compost.
  5. Add a handful of dirt about once a week to introduce new microbes that will act as "compost activators"
  6. Turn your compost. Mixing compost will distribute moisture and materials evenly, and circulate air within the batch. Do this whenever you fill the composter, and about once each week.

Your compost batch will shrink as it breaks down, and you can continue adding materials until the batch becomes too heavy for turning. Stop adding new material to your composter about 2-4 weeks before you plan to remove your finished compost batch.

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. 

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