The Organic Cotton and Kapok Filled Pillow may be the best pillow you ever loved.

Organic Cotton Covered Natural Kapok Pillows from Abundant EarthThe Organic Cotton and Kapok Pillow blends the best of both worlds.  Kapok is fluffy as down with the resilience of wool and organic cotton is both supportive and long lasting. When blended together they create the perfect fill which contours to your head and neck, but still resists enough to keep your head elevated for proper alignment with your spine.

Kapok is reminiscent of high quality down feather pillows without the cruelty or the down allergy issues. Kapok is a naturally silky fiber from the Kapok tree. These trees grow in tropical climates close to the equator. Kapok silk is sustainable harvested from the pods that grow on the tree. This fair-trade fiber is like soft silky down, yet has none of the typical allergens from down. It is both moisture and dust mite resistant. Each pillow is covered in a durable organic cotton shell.

The picture to the right shows the soft luxurious fibers of Kapok. The picture below left shows the prolific Kapok tree with fiber-filled pods.

Organic Cotton and Kapok Pillow Sizes:

  • Standard ~ 20" x 26"
  • King ~ 20" x 36"

Kapok Tree and PodsCaring for Your Pillows:
Air monthly outside in fresh air and sunlight. Like wool and cotton pillows, kapok pillows are not washable. If wet, lay flat or line dry, away from direct sunlight. Always use pillowcases to keep your pillows fresh and clean.

Note: In order to maintain the highest sanitary standards, Abundant Earth pillows are not returnable.


Please allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for delivery

Organic Cotton and Kapok Filled Pillow ~ Standard $102.95
Organic Cotton and Kapok Filled Pillow ~ King $134.95
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