The Rain Mizer Rain Barrel Rainwater Harvester

The Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel holds up to 50 gallons of rainwater!

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Rain Mizer - Front View

Water is a precious resource we cannot let go to waste. Rain barrels reduce the amount of water draining into sewer treatment facilities, while lowering the impact of roof top runoff. Collecting and storing rainwater provides a backup source of outdoor water use during times of drought or between rain showers. It helps to keep creeks, lakes and beaches clean by reducing the amount of chemicals washed into bodies of water from urban runoff. Rainwater is also naturally chlorine-free. Using chlorine-free rainwater for your lawn and garden helps maintain a thriving biotic community in your soil.

With the Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel you can collect and store up to 50 gallons of this precious rainwater resource. Your lawn and landscaping plants will enjoy the fresh water supply and you won’t have to waste your money on running hoses. You can even wash your bike or car with rainwater! The Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel is linkable with other Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel's via a separately sold link-kit so you can dramatically increase the amount of water stored. The Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel is made from a high quality molded plastic and uses protective screens which reduce standing water, debris and bugs from entering the barrel. The economical Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel will pay for itself several times over in water bill savings. Make the choice to save the planet and your money with the Rain Mizer Rain Barrel.

The Details:
The Rain Mizer Rain Barrel provides up to 50 gallons of rainwater storage. This attractively designed rain "barrel" is molded to fit well under downspouts and up against the outside wall of the house or building. The design also allows for linking multiple Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel's together. The linking kit (sold separately) allows users to build a water conservation Downspout sits just above screen on top of barrelsystem that has the ability to store 50, 100, 250 or more gallons of water. Simply add a barrel and a linking system and you'll have another 50 gallons of capacity!

Each rain barrel is made of durable polyethylene construction and comes with UV protection which guards against fading and cracking. The Rain Mizer
Rain Water Barrel's spigot design is of brass construction, with Teflon tape wrap around the threading. The brass gives great impact and corrosion resistance while the Teflon ensures a leak-proof connection to the barrel. This high quality brass spigot will typically last much longer then its plastic counterparts.

The screened opening is fastened with screws. This allows the barrel to be securely enclosed, yet still provides an ample speed of water flow into the barrel. Top central concavity also feeds rainwater to the screen to minimize the possibility of pooling or standing water. Additionally, there is an overflow opening on the front that allows the excess water to be moved 23 inches away from the wall of the building.

Detail Summary:

  • Material blocks UV light to resist fading and deterioration
  • Flat back allows the Rain Mizer to fit easily against walls.
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity (with optional linking kit)
  • Resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting
  • Shut-off valve for hose hook-up or dual overflow
  • Screen to keep out debris and insects
  • Child and pet proof
  • Multiple color choices available

Optional Stand:

The Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel Stand (shown right) is great for raising the barrel off the ground which helps create water more pressure (for hoses, etc), allows room for buckets, and it makes the whole unit look more attractive. The design is sturdy and rugged and made to function with your flat-back Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel. Just click on the Add to Cart button and then make your optional stand choice.

Colors and Optional Stained Ribbing:
Colors shown are approximations. Colored barrels are shown with Optional Matching Stand. Far right picture shows Optional Black Stained Ribbing available on all colors except black. Just click on the Add to Cart button. Then add a stand or black stained ribbing if you wish.

Recycled Black Rain Barrel and Stand Oak Rain Barrel and Stand Khaki Rain Barrel and Stand Terra Cotta Rain Barrel and Stand Green Rain Barrel and Stand Picture shows Optional Black Stained Ribbing on Oak Colored Barrel
Oak Khaki Terra
Green Black Stained
Ribbing Option



  • Product Dimensions: 31"H x 22"D x 23"W
  • Shipping Dimensions: 32”H x 23”D x 24”W
  • Approximate Weight: 19lbs
  • Capacity: 50.44 gallons
  • Recycled:  The Black unit only is made from recycled materialsShown here: Two Recycled Black Rain Mizer Rain Barrels linked together with optional Linking Kit

Shown Right: Two Recycled Black Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrels linked together with optional Linking Kit

Rain Barrel Maintenance Tips:

  1. Remember to drain and clean your Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel on a regular basis and before the winter season.
  2. Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris to prevent pests and mosquitoes from getting into your Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel.
  3. Check connections often and clear grate filter (screen) when needed.

Please Note:
Linking Kits are for use with Rain Mizer Rain Water Barrel systems only. These kits are not intended for use with any other rain barrel systems. Linking kits are not returnable. The rain water you collect in your barrel is not intended for human consumption.

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery

Rain Mizer Rain Barrel and Spigot $151.95
Rain Barrel Linking Kit $35.00
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