The Wicker Composting Tumbler from Abundant Earth

The Wicker Composting Tumbler makes composting fast, easy and fun!

Made in the USA ~ Abundant Earth

The Wicker Composting Tumbler from Abundant EarthThe Wicker Composting Tumbler represents the next wave in compost tumbler technology. Composting is a great way to recycle your food and yard scraps into a nutrient-packed soil amendment, and because the Wicker is a compost tumbler, you'll compost up to 3 times faster than composting with a stationary compost bin. The bin is crafted to have the appearance of a woven wicker basket which gives it a modern look but it will never fray like actual wicker furniture. The tumbler is made with BPA-free, FDA-approved polyethylene - one of the most inert (non-leaching) plastics on Earth. The large twist lid on top (see picture below) will lock in compost away from animals and children. The interior has an agitator pin located along the center shaft (see picture right) as well as special geometry that all works together in breaking up clumps of compost material. Assembly takes 10-20 minutes compared to 1 to 2 hours with most bins.
The Wicker Composting Tumbler from Abundant Earth

Unidirectional Ratchet Technolgy:
The Wicker Composting Tumbler is the first ever composter to a feature unidirectional locking ratchet technology. This technolgy works much like a ratchet on a socket wrench or on a manual winch. The ratchet only allows rotation of the bin in one direction making the bin much easier to tumble as it fills and it gets heavier. The bin can then be locked into 4 positions, signified by a loud, confirming "clack" sound. When you hear this sound, you know your bin is secure. When the bin is secure, loading and unloading compost is easy without having to fight a moving bin. 

The Wicker Composting Tumbler from Abundant Earth
It Doesn't Just Tumble...It Rolls!
When locked in a horizontal position, the whole composter can be moved about like a wheelbarrow. The large, rubberized wheels will easily roll over most terrain. The stand is specially designed to hold excessive compost weight and won't rust and fall apart like other stands. 

To Sum it Up...

  • 7 cubic foot capacity (50 gallons)
  • Compost 3x faster than traditional bins
  • Fashionable wicker-like design
  • Wheeled base for easy relocation
  • Ratchet lock prevents tipping and overturning
  • Large twist lid keeps animals out and compost in
  • Internal agitators speed up composting
  • Made with FDA-approved, BPA-free polyethylene
  • Made in the USA
Please allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Wicker Compost Tumbler $324.95
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