A Berry, Fruit and Worm Feeder - For Wild Birds

 **Made in the USA**

The Berry, Fruit, and Worm Feeder for Wild Birds is designed to protect bluebirds as well as other small birds. Its narrow entrance holes on each end allow little ones in, but keep starlings and other large birds out. This feeder has extended landing platforms/outside perches at each end, two entrances and a top which swings up for easy filling. Bluebirds and other small birds can feed inside on berries and fruit, or mealworms and insects. 

This feeder can be mounted on a post, pole or hang from the attached cord.  

Our feeders are manufactured from Eastern White Pine and made rough and unfinished for animals to have a better grip. As a first generation tree, pine is environmentally preferred to cedar because it is easily renewed.

10-1/2"H x 15"W x 10-3/4"D

Berry, Fruit and Worm Feeder - For Wild Birds $51.95
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