The Aireox Professional Series Air Filter System offers medical grade air purification for general and medical use, and for people with multiple chemical sensitivities.

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The influx of department store air purifiers that have flooded the market in recent years has helped make people more aware of the need for effective indoor air pollution control. Some people, out of sheer desperation to solve their air pollution problems, have even purchased one of these "bargain" house air cleaners only to find out that they are often of poor quality and minimally effective at best. Still, people are scrambling for anything to purify the air they breathe - whether it be negative ions, HEPA filters or carbon filters.

The Aireox Professional Series Air Purifier controls irritating gases and particles. The Aireox is the most popular air purifier on the market today for people who are serious about the risks air pollution represents to their family's health. It is also the type most often recommended by allergists and physicians for prevention and/or relief of pollution-related diseases. Aireox Air Purifiers are highly efficient, portable and quiet, making them an excellent choice for home and office.

Model 45 Specifications:
The Model 45 is our Professional Home and Office Air Purifier. This machine will effectively purify the air in a room 12' x 20', with an 8' ceiling (2000 cubic feet or 250 sq ft) once every 15 minutes.

    * Full Spectrum and multi-function purification removes gases & particles from air
    * Quiet 2-speed operation (Perfect for bedroom use)
    * Compact and portable - use in any room desired
    * Metal casing with baked white enamel finish using NON-TOXIC paint (no out-gassing)
    * Sealed and adhesive-free
    * Heavy duty centrifugal blower with sealed internal motor for cool, trouble-free operation
    * Four pounds of high-grade activated carbon (coconut-shell)
    * 0.3 particle filter
    * Optional Purifil gas filter (45-D)
    * 400 sq. in. filter frontal area
    * 125 CFM air recirculation rate
    * 100% filtration; no bypassed air
    * 99.26% efficiency rating
    * Floor or table placement
    * Stands approximately 13 inches high by 10 inches across and weighs 14 lbs
    * Power consumption less than 75 watt bulb
    * Uses type 45 replacement cartridges

Filter Configurations:
First, it is important to point out that unlike MOST other air purifiers on the market, Aireox purifiers contain:

  • No Loud Operating Noise: Quiet enough for bedroom use.
  • No Ozone Outgassing: Emits no gasses or chemicals.
  • No Outgassing Paint Used: A special zero-outgassing paint is used to protect metal parts.
  • No Outgassing Rubber Cords: Electrical cords are zero-outgassing.
  • No Hot Exposed Motors: Insuring both safety and long motor life.
  • No Air Passes Through Motor: Motors are sealed to prevent any oil discharge.
  • No Adhesives Used in Filter: Pleated filters are not used as they require sealants against the pleats.
  • No Deodorants or Perfumes: An air purifier should never emit any chemicals.

The AIREOX filter combinations offer state-of-the-art air purification designed for your particular needs.

  • Model 45-B - Radon, Tobacco Smoke and Pollen Removal: This filter offers the combined performance of a 0.3 Micron Particulate Filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. It offers exceptional air purification performance on both gases and particulates including pollens, molds and tobacco smoke.
  • Model 45-D - Radon, Pollen and Formaldehyde Removal: This is the "grand-daddy" of filter combinations. Added to the Activated Carbon and 0.3 Micron Particulate Filter mentioned above, is a Purifil gas filter which aids in removing VOCs and other harmful gases from the air. This combination of filters works as an extraordinary general air purifier, but also removes pollens, molds, various gases and other particulates.

Please Note: Air purifiers may only be returned in brand new and unused condition within 30 days of receipt with prior authorization. Restocking fees will apply to all returns. AbundantEarth.com carries the Replacement filters for the Model 22 Car & Travel Air Purifier - See Add to Cart Buttons Below.

Please allow approximately 1 to 2 weeks for delivery

Aireox Home & Office Air Purifier ~ Model 45B ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $388.95
Aireox Home & Office Air Purifier ~ Model 45D ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $402.95
Aireox 22B Replacement Filter - Carbon with .3 Micron Filter ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $86.95
Aireox 22D Replacement Filter - Carbon/Purifil with .3 micron Filter ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $94.95
Aireox 45B Replacement Filter - Carbon with .3 Micron Filter ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $121.95
Aireox 45D Replacement Filter - Carbon/Purifill with .3 Micron Filter ~ NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE $139.95
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