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CRIB ~ Abundant Earth's Natural Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress is the perfect organic sleep surface for your most precious angel.

*** Made in the USA ***Organic Abundant Earth Angel Baby

The AbundantEarth.com Natural Organic Innerspring Crib Mattress sets the standard for the way all organic cotton crib mattresses should be made. The Natural Organic Cotton Innerspring Crib Mattress keeps your baby comfortable and safe! No more worrying about the effects of toxic pesticides, dyes and flame retardants on your baby's skin, as our crib mattress is ultra safe for your infant or toddler. Our mattresses are made in an ultra-clean mattress factory/warehouse, where no flame-retardants, fabric softeners or any other chemicals are applied to any products. Our premium organic cotton arrives paper-wrapped and sealed in a thick organic cotton fabric shell and is kept that way until it is used to make your mattress. These organic cotton bails and bolts are stored in their own special storage bays, free from contact with any non-organic products. Finally, our organic cotton is fresh, and is typically used within 3 months of arrival in the factory/warehouse. Just before leaving our warehouse, your mattress is wrapped in an inert plastic wrap to help protect the mattress on its journey to your home. The plastic leaves no residue and keeps your mattress clean and fresh until it arrives in your bedroom.

The Innerspring Unit
We first start with the finest innerspring units available anywhere. Unlike many organic cotton bed manufacturers that use lower quality innerspring units to cut expenses (and often hide this by boasting about high coil counts rather than focusing on the quality of the innerspring unit), we start with the finest European offset coil spring system developed. The top of each coil flexes independently for maximum sensitivity to body contours, maximum body support, and minimum friction. These old-fashioned Swiss designed heat-tempered coils last longer than the "modern" innerspring coils used in most mattresses. We don't want you coming back because you wore your AbundantEarth.com mattress out in just a few years. We want you coming back because our hand-made mattresses exceeded your expectations for comfort, organic cleanliness, and exceptional quality and durability and you want to add another of our famous mattresses to your household.

Our Innerspring Mattress Features Include:

  • Precise diameter and even coil barrel, as well as heat tempered for longest lasting firm support.
  • 100% working wire, every part of the surface flexes.
  • Open, unknotted tall coils are more flexible and sensitive to body contours.
  • Smaller coil diameter creates greater surface coverage.
  • Designed for edge support; the barrel of each coil is positioned under the border rod for support right up to the edge.
  • Clipped border wire and side support springs for firm edge support.
  • Double heat tempered for extreme durability.

Organic Insulator/Support Pads:
Between the innerspring and the organic cotton padding, ideally some form of insulating material is used in the manufacture of organic cotton mattresses. This material is supposed to both keep the cotton from "packing" into the springs, and provide an insulation barrier between the metal springs and the cotton (which can wick heat away from your body). Other organic cotton mattress manufacturers use a wire screen between the innerspring and cotton. This screen may have a fancy name to help convince customers that their bed contains some high-tech flexible insulator screen product. Actually, this screen does keep the cotton from packing into the springs, but provides little, if any, insulation. To compensate, the wire screen is then wrapped in "virgin paper cording." This "virgin paper cording" is essentially a very strong cardboard product. The problem is that cardboard is a paper fiber that breaks down over time, but more importantly "virgin paper cording" is manufactured with formaldehyde. Now who wants to order an organic cotton bed with formaldehyde as one of its components? Still other organic mattress companies often use support pads that are comprised of ground up scraps of various synthetic scraps of materials that are glued to a nylon webbed backing.  Rest assured, Abundant Earth only uses an insulator/support pad made from our own high quality 100% organic cotton materials.

100% Organic Cotton Batting:
Once we have selected the innerspring firmness you have selected, we then wrap the innerspring unit with generous layers of pre-compressed, first cut staple 100% chemical-free and fire retardant-free certified organic cotton padding. No polyurethane foam or polyester padding is used in our mattresses, so you can be assured of a healthier sleeping environment.

100% Organic Cotton Cover:
The mattress is then covered by our premium 100% organic cotton fabric (known in the industry as "ticking") to give you years of refreshing sleep.
Our certified organic cotton ticking is woven into a beautiful comfort-soft fabric without the use of harsh chemicals. Our organic cotton fabric ticking is the ultimate choice for people with chemical sensitivities.

Tufting for Longevity:
All of our mattresses are made by hand using age-old European mattress tufting techniques. After the mattress is covered with our luxurious 100% organically grown cotton fabric, it is then expertly hand tufted with European tufting straps to further compress the cotton padding, and maximize orthopedic back support and comfort. Our European tufting straps are superior to the machine-made "Button-Tufting" method used by many organic mattress companies. The button or sting tufting method of securing the cotton batting in the mattress uses string to hold the cotton (and possibly wool) in place. These strings can stretch and even snap making sleeping uncomfortable. They can also begin to work their way through the cotton and be felt pressing into your back. This Button-Tufting method also uses round buttons to compress the cotton padding. Unfortunately, many of these buttons can become loose, break or even get pulled out from the mattress also making it uncomfortable to lie on. By contrast, our European tufting method uses reinforced straps, which are sewn from one side of the mattress to the other and are then twisted to hold in place. This method brings added comfort and durability to our organic cotton mattress. Our uncompromising commitment to using only the finest materials, combined with our hand crafted care ensures that this mattress will provide years of consistent comfort and support.

Mattress Firmness:
The Natural Organic Crib Mattress is only available in very firm. We offer the crib mattresses this way as an aid in protecting against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Studies indicate that a very firm mattress as well as a mattress free of chemicals may aid in significantly reducing SIDS.


Choose Your Mattress Configuration:
There are two different Abundant Earth Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress Configurations for you to choose from:

  1. Organic Cotton and Natural Wool Mattress ~ No Prescription Required (approximately 27.5" x 51.5" x 6" thick)

  2. Organic Cotton Only Mattress ~ *Prescription Required (approximately 27.5" x 51.5" x 6" thick)

*Flame Retardants, the Federal Government and Wool:Organic Abundant Earth Baby
All of Abundant Earth's organic cotton mattresses are free of chemical flame retardants. Nevertheless, federal law requires all sleeping surfaces sold in the United States to be treated with a flame retardant. However, don't panic! Keep reading.... An exemption is allowed for people with medical need. Because The Natural Cotton Only Innerspring Mattresses contains no chemical flame retardants or natural wool, a medical doctor's, naturopath's, or chiropractor's prescription (must be licensed in your state) is required to purchase this bed in order to meet federal flame retardant requirements. This prescription may be faxed to us at 847-485-5169 or emailed to sales@abundantearth.com and should say something like "Patient needs mattress without wool or chemical flame retardants."

Natural Wool as a Flame Retardant:
Some manufacturers add "natural" flame retardants to their fabric ticking such as boric acid. However, we strongly recommend against these products as they still may pose their own set of hazards to one's health and well-being. By contrast, a natural flame retardant we do recommend for those who are interested is natural chemical-free wool. Because wool acts as a flame retardant, our mattresses with added wool, such as the Natural Organic Cotton with Wool Innerspring Mattress, do NOT require a prescription. Wool is extremely durable and also has the added benefit of retaining heat (keeping you warmer) when it's cold and dry, and cooler when it's hot and sweaty (wool wicks away moisture helping to keep you cooler). Wool also helps (just a little) with dust mite resistance and it add just a hint of softness to your mattress. If you are concerned about maximizing dust mite protection for your mattress, you will still want the added protection of one of our Organic Cotton Barrier Cloth Mattress Covers. Also, you may wish to look at our Organic Wool Puddle Pads and Moisture Protectors for extra protection for your Abundant Earth Organic Crib Mattress.

Thoughts from an Abundant Earth Mattress Enthusiast:

"Thanks so much for your great products.  Before purchasing an organic mattress set and bedding I researched  many different companies and was shocked to discover that many so called 'organic products' were not made with with totally chemical free materials. In fact, I had read many reports where customers actually got sick from some of them!  After becoming very discouraged and confused, I finally came across Abundant Earth.  The first thing that impressed me was the option of a mattress set with no latex.  I purchased a queen mattress with [natural wool and organic cotton].  When I got the mattress set I noticed an odor and immediately called Abundant Earth.  I was reassured that this was a natural cotton odor and that it would disappear in a few days.  I am happy to say after three days it was completely gone and I absolutely love my new bed and organic sheets and pillows!  As a person who suffered severely and eventually got quite ill from a conventional flame retardant mattress I am overjoyed to finally sleep in a comfortable healthy bed.  No more waking up with a puffy face, under-eye circles and headaches every morning.  Also, thanks for getting back to me so quickly with the many questions I had." 

C. M. ~ Maine


Please allow approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery

The Natural Cotton and Wool Innerspring Crib Mattress with Layers of Organic Cotton ~ Currently Unavailable $936.95
The Natural Cotton Innerspring Crib Mattress with Layers of Organic Cotton ~ Currently Unavailable $936.95
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