Organic Quilt-Top Latex Mattress

QUEEN ~ The Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress from Abundant Earth is designed for those looking for the ultimate luxurious organic sleep experience.

If you’re one of the millions of people who dream of deep, restful sleep that’s free from back pain and healthy for your entire body, then you need the new Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress. This exclusive mattress is the answer to a good night’s sleep which is essential to your health and well-being. With the Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress, you get the purest natural latex available, and the right level of mattress support for your natural body curves.

Ultra Clean Facilities:
r mattresses are made in an ultra-clean mattress factory/warehouse, where no flame-retardants, fabric softeners or any other chemicals are applied to any products. Our premium organic cotton arrives paper-wrapped and sealed in a thick organic cotton fabric shell and is kept that way until it is used to make your mattress. These organic cotton bails, bolts and latex are stored in their own special storage bays, free from contact with any non-organic products. Finally, our organic cotton and natural wool are fresh, and are typically used within 3 months of arrival in the factory/warehouse. Just before leaving our warehouse, your mattress is wrapped in an inert plastic wrap to help protect the mattress on its journey to your home. The plastic leaves no residue and keeps your mattress clean and fresh until it arrives in your bedroom.

The Healthy Advantages of an AbundantEarth.com Organic Cotton, Natural Wool and Organic Organic Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress:

  • Total body comfort and support from head to toes
  • Provides pressure point relief to your hips, shoulders, and more while offering proper lower back support at the same time
  • Provides motionless comfort for undisturbed sleep.
  • Designed for "breathe-ability" with an open cell structure and special "pin core" construction which allows for ventilation of body heat.
  • Retains its firmness level, regardless of room temperature, unlike temperature sensitive "memory" foam mattresses.
  • Maintains independent support even when two people of different body weights sleep on it.
  • Offers support and correct alignment for people of varying heights.
  • Symmetrically designed so you can rotate the mattress head to foot or top to bottom.
  • Why buy a mattress with only half a life? Unlike the so-called "no-flip" mattresses being sold that offer you half a mattress at a whole mattress price, our mattresses may be used on BOTH SIDES. This allows you to air the mattress on both sides and receive the use of both side of the mattress.
  • Covered by premium 100% organic cotton fabric to give you years of refreshing sleep.
  • Available in different latex core firmness levels. Click on the "Add to Cart" button, to choose your firmness. Choose from Medium-Firm (our most popular choice), Firm, or Extra-Firm.
  • The thickness of the mattress is approximately 7"

Our Truly Natural Organic Latex Rubber Core:
Produced from the rubber tree plantations of Indonesia and Malaysia, our GOLS certified organic latex is sustainably harvested by tapping into the rubber tree in much the same way as maple syrup from the maple tree. Unlike other "natural" latex being sold which often contains a host of chemical compounds added to the latex mix, our latex is truly pure and natural and made with just natural rubber and a mineral compound necessary to have the latex set up correctly during production.


Quilted Wool and Organic Latex Comfort:
The Organic Latex and Wool Quilt-Top features super resilient layers of 100% natural wool padding around a 6" Organic Latex core. We surround the natural latex core with layer upon layer of pre-compressed chemical-free pure lamb's wool. The lamb's wool provides exceptional thermal properties making the mattress more comfortable during both cold weather and hot muggy weather. The wool is then quilted to the 100% organic cotton cover to provide a soft and pillow-like surface.

Natural Wool's Inherent Qualities:
Happy Sheep producing pure wool for Abundant Earth!
Regulates Temperature: Wool is a natural insulator and helps to keep you warm in the winter. Wool is also naturally breathable to keep you cooler in the summer. Wool fibers help to keep your body at the optimal temperature for maximum comfort and rest.

Naturally Absorbent Fiber: Wool fiber's coil-like shape pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin while you sleep. Wool fabrics can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling heavy or damp. The absorbent fibers "breathe" by wicking away moisture from the body and releasing it into the air. This also aids in cooling you during warm humid weather.

Mildew and Mold Resistant: Wool's natural resistance to mildews and molds comes from the way it repels moisture, and lets moisture pass through it's fibers without holding the moisture. (Please note that wool is mold and mildew resistant--not mold and mildew proof).

Perfect Insulator: Wool is warm in winter and cool in the summer because of its hydrophilic ability to wick away excess moisture. In the winter, wool removes moisture from the skin to keep warm and dry and wool’s insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth near the skin. In the summer, wool’s coil-like shape pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin helping to stay cooler.

Naturally Fire Retardant: Wool has natural fire-retardant properties. (High moisture content and protective lanolin is resistant to combustion). It can resist flame without the chemical treatment involved in fireproofing.

Naturally Non-Allergenic: Wool, when separated by fabric casing, is almost entirely non-allergenic. Although some may have a rare natural allergy to lanolin, the oil found in wool, most people's allergy to wool is a reaction to the many harsh and toxic chemicals that go into the treatment, and finishing of conventional wool. Serious chemical abrasives are routinely used to wash raw wool for processing. Chlorine and mothproofing chemicals are routinely applied to conventional wool before turning it into a finished product. Our wool has non of these harsh chemicals applied.

100% Organic Cotton Cover:
The mattress is then covered by our premium 100% organic cotton fabric (known in the industry as "ticking") to give you years of refreshing sleep.
Our certified organic cotton ticking is woven into a beautiful comfort-soft fabric without the use of harsh chemicals. Our organic cotton fabric ticking is the ultimate choice for people with chemical sensitivities.

The Natural Cotton Box Spring:
The Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress may be used without a box spring on any of our platform beds, or more commonly, on one of our Natural Organic Box Springs. Unlike box springs that offer very little flexibility or movement, The Natural Cotton Box Spring offers a more comfortable sleep experience--allowing the mattress to adjust to your body contours while still offering outstanding support throughout. The box spring itself uses a poplar wood frame and metal spring set. It is surrounded by organic cotton fabric ticking, and then surrounded by soft organic cotton batting. Finally, the entire unit is then encased in another protective layer of organic cotton fabric ticking.

Mattress Firmnesses:
The Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress comes in our Standard Firm, which is soft and plush. The Firm very firm, but with some give, and our Orthopedic Firm, which is probably the firmest mattress in the industry--much like a soft rock! Click on the "Add to Cart" button and then select your preference. Our natural organic cotton and organic cotton/natural wool mattresses are firmer than almost all standard mainstream mattresses.

  • Medium-Firm ~ The Organic Cotton Covered Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress is most often ordered in the Medium-Firm which is very soft and plush.

  • Firm ~ A common choice for people who want to enjoy the plush feeling our latex mattresses but would just a slightly firmer and supportive feel from the latex core.

  • Extra Firm ~ Best for people who need a firmer mattress. This firmness is sometimes recommended by doctor's for people with back issues who need a bed with less flexibility yet still retaining some softness. Back sleepers and heavier people often prefer the firmness of the Extra-Firm.

* For added softness, consider one of our Organic Toppers or our Organic Pillowtop Pads (see description below).Organic Cotton Covered Organic Latex and Wool Pillowtop Pad -- 4 inch

Quilted Organic Latex and Wool Pillowtop Pads for Added Softness:
Optionally, you may order an Organic Cotton-Wrapped Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilted Pillowtop Pad to add to your Abundant Earth Natural Mattress with Organic Cotton Layers or another mattress you already own. Our deluxe Organic
Cotton-Wrapped Natural Wool and Organic Latex Quilted Pillowtop Pads are available for those who want both a natural yet super plush bed experience. These wonderful true natural rubber latex-core and wool pillowtop pads take the edge off the firmness of your bed while still allowing the mattress below to continue to provide support for your body. These pads come in two different thicknesses. For a minimal pad, choose the Standard 2" version, or for the ultimate cloud-like sleeping experience, select the Deluxe 4" version.

Thoughts from an Abundant Earth Mattress Enthusiast:

"Thanks so much for your great products.  Before purchasing an organic mattress set and bedding I researched  many different companies and was shocked to discover that many so called 'organic products' were not made with with totally chemical free materials. In fact, I had read many reports where customers actually got sick from some of them!  After becoming very discouraged and confused, I finally came across Abundant Earth.  The first thing that impressed me was the option of a mattress set with no latex.  I purchased a queen mattress with [natural wool and organic cotton].  When I got the mattress set I noticed an odor and immediately called Abundant Earth.  I was reassured that this was a natural cotton odor and that it would disappear in a few days.  I am happy to say after three days it was completely gone and I absolutely love my new bed and organic sheets and pillows!  As a person who suffered severely and eventually got quite ill from a conventional flame retardant mattress I am overjoyed to finally sleep in a comfortable healthy bed.  No more waking up with a puffy face, under-eye circles and headaches every morning.  Also, thanks for getting back to me so quickly with the many questions I had." 

C. M. ~ Maine


Freight Costs, Delivery and Return Information:
Additional freight charges may apply. We will contact you, should this be the case, and await your approval before finalizing your order. Delivery includes inside set-up of mattress. Additional fees for removal of old mattress/box spring. Please contact us for information and pricing regarding this service. Metal frame not included. Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt in NEW and UNUSED condition with original packaging for refund less 50% restocking fee, all shipping fees and damages.

Please allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery

The Natural Cotton Latex Core Queen Mattress Only w/Wool Quilt-topw/Organic Cotton Fabric ~ Currently Unavailable $3,667.00
The Natural Cotton Latex Core Queen Mattress & Box Spring w/Wool Quilt-topw/Organic Cotton Fabric ~ Currently Unavailable $4,338.00
The Natural Cotton, Quilted Wool & Organic Latex Pillowtop Mattress Pad ~ Standard 2" Queen $1,503.00
The Natural Cotton, Quilted Wool & Organic Latex Pillowtop Mattress Pad ~ Deluxe 4" Queen $2,168.00
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