Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp

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A light made from chocolate? Well...not quite, but the cocoa leaves used in the Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp are collected from the same plant chocolate is made from. After a process called fossilization, the leaf is dyed with organic, non-corrosive dye to create the desired color. Only the leaves that remain fully intact are used on the lamps. The remaining leaves are then re-purposed for use in other projects. The powder coated frame is constructed from wrought iron, making the lamp very strong and durable.


  • 18" Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp: 18" Diameter x 10"H
  • 24" Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp: 24" Diameter x 10"H

Each lamp comes with a complete hardwire kit including seven feet of adjustable cord and a metal ceiling plate.

Colors Available:
Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamps come in Natural, Green, Multi-Color, Red and Sea Blue. Colors are approximations and may differ slightly from lamp to lamp and from screen to screen.

Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp in Natural Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp in Green Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp in Multi-Color
Natural Green Multi
Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp in Red Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp in Sea Blue Image not available
at this time. 
Red Sea Blue  Orange

More About Fossilization:
Fossilization is the process of drying leaves over a three to four month period and then hand rubbing the chlorophyll of the leaf so only the leaf’s skeleton remains. This is a labor-intensive process and no corrosive chemicals are used. Once the chlorophyll is removed, the leaf is stained with organic dyes. Since the leaves are natural, each one will absorb the dye differently. The resulting effect is a lamp with different hues and shades (sometimes within the same leaf), making each and every lamp unique. There are a few cases in which the leaf may have a small tear before it was adhered to the lampshade; due to the low-impact sealant we use, no tear will increase in size nor will any leaf pull from the shade.

More About Cocoa:
The cocoa tree is a small 15–26 ft tall evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas. Its seeds are used to make cocoa powder and chocolate. The scientific name Theobroma comes from Greek work meaning "food of the gods". The word cacao itself derives from the Nahuatl Aztec word cacahuatl. Similar words for the plant and its by-products are attested to in a number of other indigenous Mesoamerican languages. The cocoa leaves may be harvested sustainably (in moderation) without harming the overall tree.

Cocoa Leaf Hanging Pendant Lamp Care:
We do not recommend placing your lamp in direct sunlight as it may cause the leaves to fade. If cleaning is required, use a dry cloth or duster. We do not suggest using liquid cleaners. Other than the occasional dusting or light bulb change, these lamps do not require any special maintenance.

Light Bulbs:
The Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging Drum Pendant Lamp uses 3 light bulbs. We suggest using compact fluorescent light bulbs in your lamp. These bulbs will get nice and bright without the added heat compared to a standard incandescent bulb. The bulb also will last much longer, in many cases over five or more years. On average, a 13-watt fluorescent bulb will create the same lumens of light as a standard 60-watt light bulb and a 26-watt fluorescent light bulb will have the same light output as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. Please check with the light bulb manufacturer for your specific bulb specifications. Fluorescent light bulbs are considered to be a great alternative to standard light bulbs since they promote energy efficiency. We wanted to create artistic lamps that can be functional; therefore, we designed our lamps with these bulbs in mind. If you use an incandescent bulb we suggest max 40 watt. LED lights may also be used.

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Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging 18" Drum Pendant Lamp $269.95
Natural Cocoa Leaf Hanging 24" Drum Pendant Lamp $295.80
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