Let our Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillow lull you to sleep!

The organic cotton casings of our Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillows are filled with little clusters or pea-sized pellets or balls (woolly bolus) of the purist organically processed felted wool. The wool clusters are able to shift and move inside your pillow allowing the pillow to adjust to your head and neck, providing maximum support and comfort. Organic Wool Clusters Shown Here are from Abundant Earth's Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters PillowsThese malleable, scrunchable pillows are particularly great for back and stomach sleepers, but make great pillows for side sleepers too. Additionally, these unique pillows feature a zippered organic cotton shell so you can adjust the wool clusters to fit your own needs. All covers and fill are washable. See our pillow care instructions below.

Organic Wool Clusters Pillow Sizes:

  • Travel/Children's ~ 14" x 20"
  • Standard ~ 20" x 26"
  • King ~ 20" x 36"

Caring for Your Pillows:
Air monthly outside in fresh air and sunlight. Your Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillows are machine wash safe. Separate pillow and pillowcase and place in washing machine on cold, gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Every few washes use a wool detergent to put the lanolin oil back into the wool to maintain its natural properties. Tumble dry low with dryer balls to break up the wool and bring back original loft. If line dried, make sure to place in dryer, no heat, with dryer balls to break up the wool.

Natural Eco Wool's Inherent Qualities:
Regulates Temperature: Wool is a natural insulator and the soft, plush organic wool clusters of our Wool Clusters Pillows help to keep you warm in winter and are naturally breathable to keep you cooler in the summer. Wool fiber helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature zone for comfort and rest.

Naturally Absorbent Fiber: Wool fiber's coil-like shape pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin while you sleep. Wool fabrics can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling heavy or damp. The absorbent fibers "breathe" by wicking away moisture from the body and releasing it into the air. This also aids in cooling you during warm humid weather.

Mildew and Mold Resistant: Wool's natural resistance to mildews and molds comes from the way it repels moisture, and lets moisture pass through it's fibers without holding the moisture. (Please note that wool is mold and mildew resistant--not mold and mildew proof).

Perfect Insulator: Wool is warm in winter and cool in the summer because of its hydrophilic ability to wick away excess moisture. In the winter, wool removes moisture from the skin to keep warm and dry and wool’s insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth near the skin. In the summer, wool’s coil-like shape pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin helping to stay cooler.

Naturally Fire Retardant: Wool has natural fire-retardant properties. (High moisture content and protective lanolin is resistant to combustion). It can resist flame without the chemical treatment involved in fireproofing.

Naturally Non-Allergenic: Wool, when separated by fabric pillow casing, is almost entirely non-allergenic. Although some may have a rare natural allergy to lanolin, the oil found in wool, most people's allergy to wool is a reaction to the many harsh and toxic chemicals that go into the treatment, and finishing of conventional wool. Serious chemical abrasives are routinely used to wash raw wool for processing. Chlorine and mothproofing chemicals are routinely applied to conventional wool before turning it into a finished product.

Eco Wool: While not certified organic, Eco Wool is from free range sheep raised without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. The sheep are raised sustainability and with cruelty free standards a priority. In addition, the wool is certified organically processed. Damaging wool industry practices of carbonizing, chemical crimping, dipping, bleaching, harmful shearing, mulesing, and overgrazing are not used or tolerated.

Note: In order to maintain the highest sanitary standards, Abundant Earth pillows are not returnable.

Sold Separately: Picture at top shows 2 pillows for illustrative purposes only. Price shown below is for 1 pillow each.

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery

Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillow ~ Travel/Children's $81.95
Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillow ~ Standard ~ SOLD OUT $134.95
Adjustable Organic Wool Clusters Pillow ~ King ~ SOLD OUT $155.95
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