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"Sonora Olive" ~ Ancient traditions meets the modern world with our extraordinary collection of authentic hand-knotted fair-trade Tibetan Wool RugsAuthentic Fair-Trade Tibetan Wool Rugs

Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the highest quality Tibetan rugs currently being manufactured are those produced in Nepal by Tibetan refugees. Tibetan rugs originating in India and other parts of the world utilize wool of a lesser quality and are inferior to those produced in Nepal. By purchasing fair-trade Tibetan rugs made by Tibetan refugees supports the lives of these displaced peoples. The rich color and history of Tibet are woven into each of our hand-knotted rugs. The result is a stunning collection of versatile and vibrant area rugs that will bring an essence of warmth and spirit into any room.

How are the rugs made?
First, raw wool is brought into Nepal from Tibet. Tibetan sheep live at high altitudes in extreme conditions and are known for producing some of the finest (lanolin-rich, strongly-fibered) wool in the world. In Nepal, the wool is hand-carded, washed and hand-spun. Hand-carding and spinning is much more expensive and time consuming than machine processes but achieves two important results: First, it breaks down less fibers of the wool to create stronger, longer-wearing wool. Second, its irregular diameter creates a more desirable, interesting texture in the final weave. The wool is then pot-dyed with standard colorfast dyes and then hand-knotted on looms with a cotton warp. Next, the rugs must be hand-clipped and carved. The final step is to wash and block the rugs. The washing and blocking is a lengthy process. To put it in perspective, a 4 x 6 rug requires approximately 250 person-hours to produce.  In addition, the hand-knotting process enables us to produce a much denser pile than the finest quality machine-made rug. The rug will wear longer, be much more soil- and stain-resistant, and, once soiled, will clean up better than any machine-made counterparts. The hand-knotting process combined with the superb quality of the wool produces a rug that, under normal circumstances, will last for generations. One final note. Throughout the whole rug making process, special attention is given to both ensuring healthy working conditions for all as well as protecting the physical environment. For example, during the dying and washing process all the water used is filtered so the water leaving the building is actually cleaner than the water entering the building.

Tibatan Carpet WeaverMore on authentic Tibetan Rugs:
In 1959, the Chinese invasion of Tibet forced Tibetans to migrate by the thousands through the Himalayan mountains in search of a new home. Of those that survived the grueling trek, many settled in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal where they built a cottage industry of carpet weaving based on centuries-old tradition and technique. Initially, small rugs were produced. Eventually, however, carpet production rose to one of Nepal's leading industries.

Support for ReSurge International:
Since 1969, ReSurge International (formerly know as Interplast) medical volunteers have provided free reconstructive surgery for children born with cleft lips/palates in developing countries throughout the world. Volunteer medical teams of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and pediatricians perform 3,000 surgeries annually. ReSurge International now has a major presence in Nepal. As part of that effort, a portion of the profits made from these rugs have helped pay for speech therapy clinic in 1999 to assist cleft palate patients with their rehabilitation. http://www.resurge.org

Please Note:
Authentic Fair-Trade Tibetan Wool RugsBecause these rugs are hand-knotted, each piece will vary from the next. Sizes will not be exact, circles will not be perfectly round, borders will not be perfectly straight, and colors may vary slightly from rug to rug and from the screen image color you see. In this day of "cookie cutter" manufacturing, these imperfections become valuable indications that a product is truly hand-crafted. Hand-crafting means each rug is unique and special.

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Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 2' x 3' $239.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 3' x 5' $598.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 4' x 6' $957.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 5' x 7' $1,396.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 6' x 9' $2,154.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 8' x 10' $3,192.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 9' x 12' $4,309.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 10' x 14' $5,586.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug - 12' x 15' $7,182.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug Runner - 2.5' x 8' $798.00
Sonora Olive - Tibetan Wool Rug Runner - 2.5' x 10' $997.00
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