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AbundantEarth.com provides environmentally sensitive products and services for people who want to "make a difference" in the world. Like you, we are concerned about issues of personal health, family and community safety, as well as the long-term viability of our planet. Since 1997, so many of you have come to know and trust the quality, health sensitivity and environmental sensitivity of our products as well as our exceptional customer service.

You are AbundantEarth.com. Most of you who come to AbundantEarth.com are not content being passive bystanders in a bewildered world. Most of you recycle and compost in your homes and offices, buy natural and organic foods, and conserve energy as much as possible. Some of you do much more, and some of you are just beginning your journey into the culture of connectedness. Many of you are active in your communities, and are passionate about your personal and social responsibilities. Some of you prefer to live quietly and simply, respectfully pacing yourselves with the natural world around you.

AbundantEarth.com serves all of you who care about the earth. We attempt to reach all of you who care deeply about your own personal health and the health of the world around you. We honor those of you who want to make a difference in your lives, doing something important about the things you care most about; your families, your communities, the animals, plants and the earth as a whole. We reach out to you who insist on making a difference, but are unsure of what to do. We seek to root out apathy, hopelessness and despair by inspiring hope and giving people an opportunity to renew their lives by reinventing their daily activities.

AbundantEarth.com makes a difference in lives and in the future of our earth because we try to make it easy for you to "make a difference" every day. AbundantEarth.com strives to offer natural, organic and recycled products that make life better for all of us.

Our Mission and The Hannover Principles:
AbundantEarth.com provides products, information and service that ultimately works to further the creation of an ecologically sustainable culture. Such a future, we believe, is achievable only by acknowledging the interconnectedness and inter-relatedness of all things, and then acting in ways to sustain and even enhance these relations. We choose to participate responsibly in such an endeavor by laying some of the groundwork necessary for the transformations that must take place for the long-term survival of ours and other species. It is our contention that the collective energy and creativity of the people of this world will sustain a monumental global transformation of our global economic systems, from one of exploitation based on the principles of scarcity, to one of mutual collaboration based on the principles of ecological abundance. At AbundantEarth.com, we believe the earth is capable of providing more than enough for everyone (abundance) when the ecological systems that sustain us are honored, supported and enhanced, rather than neglected, abused, desecrated and destroyed.

This is the concept of ecological abundance we wish to share with you. We want to share the subtle beauty and fecundity of the earth’s bounty through the wonder of our ecologically sensitive and healthy products and services. We know that together, we will make a difference. We know that together, we shall see the transformation of our society from one that exploits the earth, to one that thrives in collaboration with the earth. We honor you for your courage and perseverance. We know it is difficult to do the “right” thing when so many of our collective values suggest we do otherwise.

The Hannover Principles:
In honor of the mission we have expressed, we hereby adopt the Hannover Principles as designed by William McDonough Architects, as some of the fundamental principles which guide us on our journey.

  1. Insist on the rights of humanity and nature to coexist in a healthy, supportive, diverse and sustainable condition.

  2. Recognize interdependence. The elements of human design interact with and depend upon the natural world, with broad and diverse implications at every scale. Expand design considerations to recognize even distant effects.

  3. Respect relationships between spirit and matter. Consider all aspects of human settlement, including community, dwelling, industry and trade, in terms of existing and evolving connections between spiritual and material consciousness.

  4. Accept responsibility for the consequences of design decisions upon human well being, the viability of natural systems, and their right to coexist.

  5. Create safe objects of long-term value. Do not burden future generations with requirements for maintenance of vigilant administration of potential danger due to the careless creation of products, processes or standards.

  6. Eliminate the concept of waste. Evaluate and optimize the full life cycle of products and processes, to approach the state of natural systems, in which there is no waste.

  7. Rely on natural energy flows. Human designs should, like the living world, derive their creative forces from perpetual solar income. Incorporate this energy efficiently and safely for responsible use.

  8. Understand the limitations of design. No human creation lasts forever and design does not solve all problems. Those who create and plan should practice humility in the face of nature. Treat nature as a model and mentor, not as an inconvenience to be evaded or controlled.

  9. Seek constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge. Encourage direct and open communication between colleagues, patrons, manufacturers and users to link long term sustainable considerations with ethical responsibility, and re-establish the integral relationship between natural processes and human activity

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