Sun-Pure Water Purifier

Replacement Filters and UV Lamps for Your Sun-Pure 3-Cartridge SP10 Water Purifier

Need a Filter?
Before ordering, be sure to check and see if your Sun Pure is the 3-cartridge system (with service lights) or a 2-cartridge system. The kits listed at the bottom of this page will only work with the 3-cartridge system.

Please click HERE for the 2-cartridge replacement filters.

When and What Should I Order?

  • Every year you should replace the filter set and UV Lamp.
  • Every 3rd year, you should replace the filter set, UV Lamp and UV Lamp Housing. Both sets are listed below.

Please Note:
While Abundant Earth will continue to carry the Sun-Pure Water Purifier Replacement Filters and UV Lamp, the Sun-Pure Water Purifiers themselves are no longer available as they have been discontinued.

Please allow an estimated 1 to 3 Weeks for delivery.

Sun-Pure 3-Cartridge Water Filters & UV Lamp Replacement Kit (Replace Yearly) $218.54
Sun-Pure 3-Cartridge Water Filters ONLY ~ NO UV LAMP (Replace Yearly) $179.24
Sun-Pure 3-Cartridge Water Filters, UV Lamp & Housing Replacement Kit (Replace every 3 yrs) $259.77
Sun-Pure Water Filter Set of 2 UV LAMPS ONLY (no filters) $115.40
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