Organic Portable Bed Roll from Abundant Earth

The Organic Portable Bedroll w/Organic Cotton Zippered Cover offers a great place to meditate, relax or catch a few zzzzz...

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The Organic Portable Bedroll with Organic Cotton Zippered Cover is for the person on-the-go who needs a quick place to bed down in between this thing and that thing. Keep a bedroll in the car, keep another in the RV and a couple in the house. They're great to have around when it's your children's slumber party and you need a couple of extra beds. Bring them on a picnic or use them in a tent. They are so portable! The Organic Portable Bedrolls also make great all-around throw pillows/cushions. Use one as a window seat cushion and another as a meditation cushion. The Organic Portable Bedrolls are so comfy and supportive you  may be used for both calming the inner self and for less spiritual pursuits as well; such as watching television, reading or just hanging out with your favorite person or all your furry best friends.

Our 72" x 24" Organic Portable Bedrolls will have approximately 3-4 inches of loft when brand new and will compress somewhat with use. Each Organic Portable Bedroll also comes with a machine-washable and dryer safe 100% organic cotton removable cover. To select your Organic Portable Bedroll Fill and Cover Color choices, simply click on the Add to Cart button below and then choose your fill and cover options from the drop-down menus provided on the shopping cart page.

Organic 72" x 24" Portable Bedroll Fill Options:

Organic Cotton and Wool

Organic Cotton, Wool and Latex

** Just click on the Add to Cart button below and make your fill choice from the drop-down menu presented.

100% Organic Cotton Zippered Cover Colors:
Each Organic Portable Bedroll includes a machine washable and dryer safe 100% organic cotton removable cover to protect your bedroll investment. These durable and styles covers are made from heavy 9 oz. organic cotton fabric. The covers also come with ties on the end to help secure your rolled bedroll when you're ready to pack it up for the day. Colors include Fern, Navy, Stone, Sweet Potato, Plum, Nutmeg and Ivory. Please note that the Ivory color is simply the un-dyed natural cotton fabric. Also, please note that colors shown are approximate representations. The colors you see on your screen are not exact as each screen displays colors differently. To order, simply click on the Add to Cart button on the Organic Portable Bedroll below and then choose your zippered cover option from the drop-down menu provided on the shopping cart page.

AbundantEarth.com Organic Zabuton Cover Colors 

Please note that our Organic Portable Bedrolls are not intended for use as permanent sleeping surfaces. They are designed for a quick (on-the-fly) place to to nap or hang-out. For a more permanent sleeping surface, please see our Organic Futons. Please allow approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Organic Portable Bedroll w/Organic Cotton Zippered Cover $388.95
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