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Abundant Earth!

A  Few Words From Our Loyal Customers...


"Just wanted to let you know that my clothes drying rack arrived today. It's absolutely GORGEOUS -- even bigger and nicer than I expected! I threw in a load of wash so I could use it right away. Thank you very much. Cheers"



"...I LOVE YOUR COMPANY! Thanks for being so earth- conscious, [and] so customer- service oriented!! -Now an Abundant Earth Life-time customer!!"

           - Nan


"Thank you so much for the beautiful platform bed. I had ordered the ranch style Queen for my two sons and it was such a snap  to put together. They love it and it looks great in their room. Thank You!"

         - Tracey


"I would like to thank you for all your assistance. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to more in the future. What a lovely business you have and great employee's."

           - Leslee


"Just letting you know that I received my order - over a week ago. My husband and I assembled it this morning. I've planted my veggies and I couldn't be happier. It was very easy to assemble. But the only reason I bought from Abundant Earth is...you went above and beyond customer service and I appreciate it very much. Thanks again..."

      - Sharon



Natural Furniture from Abundant Earth

Beautiful Furnishings from USA Grown Solid Wood

Sun-Pure SP20C

 Healthy Clean Purified Air for the Whole Family!

Natural Lights, Lamps and Pendants

Natural Lamps, Lights and Hanging Pendants


Welcome to Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth offers a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products and services for people who want to make a difference in the world. We also assist our communities, in the very broadest sense, through our charitable giving program, where we donate a portion of our profits toward worthy causes. We hope you'll like our online catalog of thousands of the finest earth-friendly products available. 

Call us at 1-888-51-EARTH (1-888-513-2784), or e-mail us at sales@abundantearth.com if you have any questions. 

We're here to help.


Take Action!

Help Rescue Animals Nationwide!

There are over 300,000 adoptable dogs, cats, mice, rats, ferrets, rabbits and more in more than 13,000 shelters and temporary homes nationwide that need your love and attention right now. Many are in danger of being killed because there's no more room to house and shelter these adorable animals. Are you able to adopt, donate, or volunteer? Read about and view unforgettable pictures of real animals in your area that need a forever home. Please help make a difference...

TAKE ACTION! Click HERE and Learn More...


Beagle Freedom Project

Beagles are the most popular dog breed for use in laboratory experimentation and testing because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, and people-pleasing personalities. 

The animal research experimentation industry claims beagles adapt well to living in a cage, and are inexpensive to feed and that's why they like to use them in their labs despite the fact  that current research shows such experimentation and testing to be almost entirely ineffective in protecting human or animal lives in any way, shape or form. The research does however show that human beings can be particularly nasty, horribly misguided and particularly cruel creatures at times. At other times, we can be incredibly compassionate as evidenced by the work of the Beagle Freedom Project.

The Beagle Freedom Project's mission is to rescue beagles who were used for animal experiments and give them a chance at freedom and a chance to be loved. The Beagle Freedom Project works to rehabilitate and find homes for beagles used in laboratory research and testing. In fact, you might want to consider adopting a rescued beagle....

Click HERE to Learn More about the Beagle Freedom Project!

Toll Free 1-888-51-EARTH (1-888-513-2784)

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